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Welcome to the Atlanta Georgia Relays Vendor Page.

We are currently accepting applicants for vending merchandise and food sales at the Atlanta Georgia Relays on, May 25 - 26, 2018, at Westlake High School 2400 union road S.W Atlanta GA 30331.

There are a limited number of vending spaces available. The deadline for applying is February 16, 2019. No vendors will be signed up on the day of the event. Also, no vendors will be permitted to vend without prior authorization. After February 12th the vendors not chosen will be put on a waiting list in case any spots open up. 
This is a 2 day event and we are looking for vendors who can bring a high level of professionalism and quality to the event. We want a healthy mix of different products, foods, and services. The successful applicant will meet the following criteria: vending qualifications, completion and submission of attached forms, compliance with city regulations, type of service and product, and space availability. 
Please print and review vendor application and contact our Event Manager with any questions or concerns. 

·         Proper license and insurance forms are required to street vend.  Will be required if chosen as a street vendor. 
·         A vendor fee will be charged for each 10’x10’ space requested for this 2 day event
·         Tents are strongly encouraged (Not provided)
·         Vendors must dispose of all trash at the end of the event. 
·         No music is permitted.   
·         What happens in the case of inclement weather? The Atlanta Georgia Relays goal is to take place rain or shine (we have no control of inclement weather if it becomes a threat to postpone).  AGR strongly suggests that you bring your own tent.  There are no refunds on vending deposits. 


Non-Profit Organization/Small Vending - $300

Fees include security and sanitation Limited vending/fundraising (pastries, desserts, cakes etc) (Non-Profit organizations must bring proof of certification)


Food Vendor/Food Truck - $500/per day

Fees include health permit, security, and sanitation (Vendors must bag their garbage during and after event)


Arts & Crafts Vendors - $250

Fees include security, and sanitation services. Corn/ Coconut/ Sugar Cane/ Fruit/ 


2019 Vendor Agreement

Atlanta Georgia Relays Basic rules and regulations

The following rules must be adhered to, breach any of these rules will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

  1. Vendor Fee is non-refundable.

  2. Vendors are not allowed to sell any water, alcoholic beverage, soda or beverage of any kind including home-made fruit juices or drinks. If any vendor is given permission to sell these things host must agree in advance

  3. No weapons or firearms are allowed. No glass bottles or glass containers should be dispensed to the public.

  4. Each vendor is required to bring a fire extinguisher.

  5. All vendors and staff must be at the park between 7a.m sharp, the cut off time for vendor entry in the park is 7:30 to set -up. absolutely no entry after 9 a.m.

  6. Vendor may not sublet Space(s) to other vendors.

  7. At Vendors expense, Vendor will furnish and install all equipment necessary to operate the Space(s).

  8. On the dates listed in the Vendor Agreement, vendor will operate Space(s) between 9AM – 6PM. Many times the second day of meet the event time can operate shorter. The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) reserves the right to modify the hours of operation as necessary.

  9. Vendor agrees not to make undue noise or odor, cause damage to the environment or act in a manner deemed inappropriate by The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) or the venue. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of Space(s).

  10. Each vendor is responsible for cleaning their area of all garbage during and after the event. If Vendor fails to clean the Space(s) after use, The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) will assess a fifty-dollar ($50) fee per space payable within thirty (30) days.

  11. Vendor will have the right to display signs/banners on assigned Space(s) only.

  12. Vendor will pay all fees (taxes; use, permit or license fees) that may be required for the operation of the Space(s). Please ensure that you do all necessary towards this.

  13. Vendor will comply with applicable state and local laws governing the operation of the Space(s). Violation of state laws or ordinances will be considered cause for forfeiture of Space(s).

  14. The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) reserves the right to change space assignments and to reject or restrict any exhibit.

  15. Serving alcoholic beverages and/or foods by Vendors is prohibited without prior written permission of The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR). Vendor must then obtain all necessary permits.

  16. Vendor will maintain insurance for product liability, bodily injury, death, fire and property damage caused by operations conducted by Vendor (AGR will not be responsible).

  17. If the event the track and field event is  cancelled due to strikes, walkouts, labor disputes, acts of God, inability to obtain labor, materials, or reasonable substitutes therefore, governmental restrictions, controls, or regulations, enemy or hostile governmental action, civil commotion, fire, or any other cause, deposits and/or fees will not be refunded.

  18. All items to be sold must be listed on this vendor agreement.

  19. Each food vendor is allowed four (2-3) assistants free admission (only). Craft vendors are allowed two (2) assistants. Each additional person will pay full ticket price.

  20. Vendor agrees that all property not removed at the end of the track meet will be stored at Vendors expense for up to 30 days after which The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) will assume ownership of the property.

  21. No power will be provided. Vendors should provide their own generator.

  22. The Atlanta Georgia Relays, Atlanta Spartans Track Club, and  their associates ,members, agents  are in no way responsible or will be held liable for personal injury, loss or adversity as a result of any incident or act of God on the day of the track and field event.

  23. Vendors will be inspected at the gate by The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) personnel. Vendors are responsible to pay the required taxes to the Department of Revenue.

  24. Unauthorized goods will be confiscated.

  25. The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) personnel will do random checks to ensure that rules are being adhered to and that the highest level of customer service is being provided.

  26. Vendor will be provided with a 10 x10 Exhibit Space(s) Vendors are responsible for their own table, chair and/or 10 x10 canopy. Electricity, phone connections and individual trash containers are not provided.

  27. Taking possession of the Space(s) by Vendor will constitute acknowledgment that the Space(s) is in good condition. Vendor must return equipment undamaged or Vendor will be liable for repair and/or replacement costs.

  28. The Space(s) will be used for promoting or selling product(s) described in Vendor Agreement only. Vendor will not use or permit the Space(s) to be used for any other purpose without obtaining prior written consent of The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR).

  29. Vendor may not sublet Space(s) to other vendors.

  30. At Vendors expense, Vendor will furnish and install all equipment necessary to operate the Space(s).

  31. Vendor assumes responsibility and liability for losses, thefts, damages, destruction of goods, personal injury and claims arising from Vendors activities on the premises of AGR Events. Vendor indemnifies, defends and holds harmless The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) , its officers, directors, employees, agents, sponsors, participants, customers, volunteers and other vendors from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs (including attorneys' fees and court costs).

  32. Vendor grants permission to The Atlanta Georgia Relays (AGR) to obtain and use photographs or video recordings of Vendors booth.

  33. Our brand is important to us please ensure that customer service is diplayed at all times to AGR spectators and athletes. (Any vendor displaying aggressiveness or not abiding to the rules can be removed from properity) We are very Concerned with the safety of very one.