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Our goal is to develop a track & field program that will suit people of many different abilities. Our aim is for people to become successful athletes and for them to gain credibility for their wonderful body of work. We want to develop a program that displays different age groups who will be given the opportunity to compete and still achieve at a level that satisfies them. We are encouraging athletes to experience success in two ways, as an individual and as a team. Our aim is to allow our athletes to show their talents on a wide platform and for our youth to be given recognition for all of their achievements.

Our Mission

Atlanta Georgia Relays Mission is committed to achieve and develop a program that cultivate discipline and pride .We promote positive athletic development. We are always developing, researching and implementing strategies to give our athletes information through our training sessions that is provided with top coaches at our events, in order to achieve peak performances and foster their athletic potential to get results. We promote confidence, pride and motivation at the root of our program. As an organization we are committed to teaching young people the fundamentals of track and field, we promote good health, top-notch sportsmanship, teamwork,  individualism and self-esteem. The experiences these young people will gain by participating in our organization is for our program to help them succeed through-out their lives.


Atlanta Georgia Relays has develop around a centralized program and our staff and management team is continuously working to make effective decisions that advance the organization’s goals. We understand that having good management is critical to the success of running a business.Our organization strives to provide and improve Knowledge and skills for our athletes, and work closely with other professional organisations to promote common interest .Atlanta Georgia  Relays emphasizes a combination of athletic competition through our leadership  team talents skills ,planning and community service. 

We are committed and strive to empower individuals.  We specialize in a life-changing program tailored to different athletes goals and objectives through our program. We are invested in our athletic program and strive to exceed expectations of each athlete through the discipline of running. We want each athlete to leave our event with a greater belief in themselves and to develop self-motivation and confidence in their ability.